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Please feel free to modifiy and use it for your need. Make it better, optimize it or learn from it. I would be happy if you can retain my name (or mention it), date of initial creation and the copyright or notes in the code, if there is any. Most code is written on the go, like whenever things come to my mind or I see something is interesting, so please excuse any bad code ;)

Links to download tools used can be found here.

Name                   Auto Power Off v3.1                                                                              
Download Size    22 KB
Platforms             Windows 98 / SE, Windows XP / NT, Windows Vista/7
Language            C / Win32
Compiler               lcc-win32

Extract the zip file contents to a folder. I had used lcc-win32 compiler for building this tool. It is a dialog based application, you can learn about sending messages to controls, using the Windows registry, power management functions, timer API etc.

Setup was generated using Inno Setup Generator.

Name                   WMouse Library                                                                                   
Download Size    5 KB
Platforms             MS-DOS
Language            C
Compiler              Turbo C v2.01

Download the zip file, compile and use it.

Learn how to call x86 interrupts in a 16-bit enviornment, about DOS mouse interrupts. I know it compiles but may not be totally complete but most useful functions are complete. These are now legacy code. It reminds me of old times when programming was mere fun.

Name                   CD Tray v1.0                                                                                          
Download Size    4.5 KB
Platform               Windows 98 / SE / XP
Language            ASM for x86
Assembler           FASM

CD Tray is a very small utility written in ASM (modified from FASM example code).

FASM is a very good assembler and its very useful to develop small footprint utilities and hacks. I think I used Resource Hacker to add the default icon for this application.

Name                    EXE Header                                                                                           
Download Size    2.5 KB
Platform                Windows / DOS
Language             C
Compiler               Turbo CPP

Extract the zip file and compile using Turbo C/C++. This program was developed out of  curiosity to know how EXE files work. As you can see there is a lot of information you can get from the file headers. There was an application called QuickView for Windows which came with Windows 98 (Plus Tools?), this program formats its output to resemble the output of QuickView.

Name                    Record Manager                                                                                   
Download Size    NA
Platform               Windows XP / Vista / 7
Language            C, CPP / MFC
Scripting              AutoIt 3.0
Compiler              Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
DBMS                  MySQL
Installer               MSI

Used to manage records for a school. This project is under development.

Check out the source code from SourceForge SVN. This project makes use of MySQL database to store its data. MFC is used to develop the frontend. Learn how to design a normalized database, using ODBC and its calls, MFC classes, CRecordset class, using  registry in a MFC application and building a Windows Installer.

Name                   BMI Calculator                                                                                        
Download Size    22 KB
Platform               Windows 98 / XP / Vista
Language            CPP / MFC
Compiler               Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

Extract the zip file and open the solution file.

This is very simple dialog based application to calculate BMI. You can learn on how to create dialog based applications. Updating values while you are still entering data.

Name                   Currency Converter                                                                               
Download Size    29 KB
Platform               Windows 98 / XP / Vista
Language            CPP / MFC
Compiler               Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

Extract the zip file and open the solution file.

This Currency Converter can convert up to 150 different currencies. It uses exchange rates from Yahoo! Finance servers at India, Singapore or Australia (anyone available).

So this requires an active internet connection to perform conversions.

This is also a dialog based application. You can learn about feteching data from servers using URLs using CInternetSession and OpenURL API, using SysLink control and exception handling. This program downloads the required exchange rates from Yahoo! Finance server in CSV format then parses it to get the exchange rate for conversion.

Name                   BootSaver                                                                                             
Download Size    NA KB
Platform               Windows XP / Vista
Language            CPP / MFC
Compiler               Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

BootSaver can be used to backup and restore your hard disks MBR. This can come in handy when you want to setup a multiboot system with a special boot loader, like GRUB.

So you no longer require your Linux CD for rescue after installing windows.

You can learn how to access raw disk data, IOCTLs and obtaining disk information using ATA/ATAPI-6 commands.
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