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I hold a degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering.

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I learn a lot from real life experiments and observations and bring about changes so that I may become a better person in the things I do, love and believe. I also do many things merely to gain insight.

I have been observing and watching software and IT grow (directly and indirectly) for almost three decades. For me science (esp. software and electronics) was never a thing to make money, it is all about passion.

I like music, programming, driving, photography, philosophy, drums and pencil sketching.

My God Jesus Christ is the Lord of all things. I am trying hard to become a better person everyday.

My wife, my parents, my siblings and my friends are very important to me.

Share, help and grow that is the aim of this website.

It is certain that all the knowledge that we posses will be useless one day so I never boast or have ego on what I know or what I do not know.

So live in Love and Hope. May the Lord bless all of us.
Winny Mathew Kurian


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